S. No. Name of The Authors Title of The Paper Download
2 Prof. Dr. Hassan H. EL-Tamaly and Eng. Sultan I. EL-Ajmi Study the design and operation of Wind Energy System Interconnected with Utility Grid
3 Hardoyo, Budi Kusarpoko, M.C. Tri Atmodjo, Andi Marjono, Yusmiati The Technology Model On Small Scale Plant-Livestock Integrated System For Traditional Islamic Boarding School (“Pesantren”) In Rural Area
4 Payel Thakur, Sumesh Nambiar, Sirish Gopalan, Vinay Ramakrishnan, Nikhil Haridasan Implementation Of Code Based Neighbour Discovery Protocol In Wireless Network
5 Farzana khatoon & Mr.Barkatullah Performance of Digital Modulation Schemes For Under Water Optical Wireless Communication
6 Nikolai T. Bagraev, Ekaterina N. Kalabukhova, Vyacheslav S. Khromov, Leonid E. Klyachkin, Anna M. Malyarenko, Dariya V. Savchenko, Bela D. Shanina EDESR and ODMR Spectroscopy of Point Defects in SemiconductorNanostructures
7 Akhila.P.M & Dr.Devi.V A High Frequency EF2 Resonant Converter For Constant Voltage Charging Of Electric Vehicle
8 Moses Oluwafemi Onibonoje Wireless Sensor Network to Monitor Water Pipeline Leakage
9 Kiran Babu & Dr. Devi V Study and Design of ( Comparison ) 3-Z Network Boost Converters for Renewable Power Systems
10 Rishana. N & Deepika Vasanthakumar DFCM Converter with Different PWM Techniques for Harmonic Reduction
11 Ar.Richa Ankush Pathe & Prof. Anupama Sharma Infrastructure Development of Existing Communities – A Step Towards Green Communities
12 Somnath Maurya & Reeti Choudhary Smart Buildings: Shaping Future We Shape The Buildings; There after They Shape Us
13 Degala Rajendra & Pothuraju Jagadeesh Designing of Solar Powered Vapor Absorption Refrigeration (VAR) System
14 K. Phani Srinivas, Dr. K. Sai Manoj, Ms. K. Mrudula, Mrs K. Maanasa Analysis Of Innovative Phased Array Antenna For The Space Based Applications As Per The Industrial Standards
15 Akanksha Gund, Ritika Dasmohapatra, Shrutika Shete, Dr. Abhay Chopde Cantilever RF MEMS Switch
16 Aneesha. K & Dr. Priya G Das A Non Isolated High step up DC to DC Converter with Continuous Input Current For PV System
17 Nisha. C.K & Priya.s Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for Energy Storage Systems
18 Shubham Mishra, Saurabh Kawthekar, Tanmay Jagtap, Dr. Abhay Chopde Optical Fiber MEMS Pressure Sensor
19 Arindam Saha Handwritten character recognition using ANN- A Survey
20 Neetha Gopinath K & Dr. Sheela S A Four Stage Flyback Based Micro inverter For Remote Area Residential Applications